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Coleman Tent

Outdoor recreation has seen a significant increase in the last year. With the arrival of another summer, people are searching for fresh ways to get away from home, see something new, and spend more time outside. What better way to travel than to spend time in the desert or the beach, away from strangers? It’s the pinnacle of social distancing!

While some of us like roughing it in the wilderness, we recognize that not everyone finds comfort in leaving their sofas, beautiful glassware, and warm beds, no matter how hard we try to persuade ourselves — or others — that we enjoy camping. If this describes you, our gorgeous glamping Coleman tent is the way to go.

We combined our numerous years of camping experience and knowledge with hours of study on new releases, unique features, and user reviews to help you choose a sumptuous tent for your glamping future. Among other things, we looked at comfort, construction quality, pricing, size alternatives, and packability. There’s something for every glamper — from opulent luxury to budget-friendly glam — so there’s something for every sort of outdoor enthusiast.

Our famous Coleman tents can accommodate up to 2 adults, with a dimension of 3mx2.7m. Pick one of our top glamping tents, outfit it with your favorite home-away-from-home comforts and spend a night in the great outdoors without sacrificing your favorite pleasures. What better time to start than now?

Family Bell Tent

We provide the greatest glamping tent lodgings on the planet. These glamping tents are not to be confused with the do-it-yourself tent in a bag.

Glamping tents have luxuries like comfy mattresses. There is no need to pitch a tent when glamping. All you have to do is unwind and enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience that these luxury glamping tents give.

The style and size of these glamping tents vary, but one thing is consistent: the luxury accommodations that greet each glamper once inside.

Come have a look at our lovely glamping tent collection. From festival glamping to thrilling family holidays, weddings, and summer playrooms, our collection of luxurious bell tents and custom-designed camping tents will make your glamping experience unforgettable.

With our broad selection, you can enjoy the great outdoors in luxury. We have camping tents ideal for any occasion.

Our tents are luxurious and spacious, with enough headroom to stand up straight. Every Bell Tent comes with a zipped in groundsheet, allowing open sides for air circulation or just shelter from the sun. When coupled with one of our size-matched inner tents, our Bell Tent may seem more like a hotel suite.

We value our visitors’ comfort, which is why we have introduced the Family Bell Tent to our ever-expanding selection of lodging options. Decorate your new Bell Tent with some of our fantastic glamping accessories to create the ideal glamping experience, which can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children, with dimensions of 4mx4m.

Presidential Bell Tent

The Presidential Bell Tent is our jaw-dropping tent, developed especially by Boutique Camping. This 6m x 6m tent is the largest and most opulent tent we provide in our collection, accommodating 6 persons.

Our new Presidential Bell tent has undergone extensive research and development. It’s a cross between our Coleman tent and the traditional Family Bell tent. The Presidential Bell Tent was created in response to the market’s requirement for a tent with both headroom and an eye-catching appearance. This design shows the evolution of glamping in recent years.

The fabric is made of high-quality Polycotton and is both durable and lightweight. It has been carefully treated to be mold, mildew, and rot-resistant, as well as water-resistant.

There’s no need to bend while entering the tent thanks to the wide 1.8m high entryway, and the inclusion of four huge circular windows makes it simpler than ever to feel even more connected to the great outdoors.

Boutique camping’s Presidential Bell tent is a completely new tent design. This lovely extra big camping tent is one of the most comfortable and wonderful bell tents we have, with a warm and inviting vibe. The Presidential Bell tent series was created to provide you with the greatest, most creative elements that would improve on the classic bell tent.


With spring break quickly approaching, there is no better time to start arranging your trip. This isn’t your typical trailer. This fantastic glamping trailer has been refurbished to be the ideal outdoor hangout, and it comes with a variety of conveniences as well as magnificent views of any area you choose to live in. This property can accommodate up to two people, making it ideal for family holidays or group outings. Glamping in our luxury trailer allows you to enjoy high-end facilities and modern conveniences.

With vaccinations now accessible, it’s time to start contemplating what our lives would be like after a pandemic. But you may be excused for not wanting to rush back to the way things were, especially when it comes to interacting with other people. Thankfully, as we’ve all discovered over the previous year, keeping your distance doesn’t have to mean foregoing some of life’s better pleasures, such as glamping.

In fact, the influx of new feature-laden luxury travel trailers on the market today makes it easier than ever to experience a change of scenery without having to fight through airport crowds. The appropriate caravan will allow you to bring together you and your spouse. A mobile office is also in the works if you need to work while you play.

So, let all your hassles go, and spend a beautiful glamping weekend with your partner in our high-end trailer!

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