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Birthday Celebrations

Nothing beats a large gathering of family and friends to commemorate a milestone birthday or special event. People gradually move apart as time passes, relocating to other towns, starting children, and working abroad. Getting people to spend time together is becoming increasingly rare and unique. Instead of a one-night event, why not make a weekend of it and hire Plush Tents to hold your family reunion? Our snug, elegant accommodation is ideal for families, couples, or groups of friends, and we have all the creature conveniences to make even the most inexperienced glampers satisfied.

Our staff works tirelessly to create unforgettable events that bring people together to have a good time. Whether you want to gather everyone for a huge BBQ or have a little solitude in your own hammock, your loved ones will feel the calm feeling that we are famous for the moment they park their cars and walk under our welcome arch.

We welcome guests of all ages and like hearing children laughing as well as witnessing grandparents try the hammocks for the first time. We provide exactly the appropriate degree of luxury for first-time glampers, such as cotton bedding, hot showers, and all-day tea and coffee, to keep everyone happy and pleased. Each tent or trailer is one-of-a-kind and built for comfort. They are decorated with old furniture, hand-carved beds, and antique or salvaged wood burners. For youngsters or additional people, there is one double bed and up to three single memory foam floor beds.

So, what are you waiting for? Glam up your birthday celebrations and give your guests a unique experience by glamping with us today!

Anniversary Specials

Love comes first, then marriage, and you know the rest about the baby carriage. But what happens once the wedding and honeymoon high have worn off? This session is both a testament to and an inspiration for keeping the romance alive between your wedding date and your burgeoning job and family aspirations.

The first wedding anniversary you will celebrate is a HUGE milestone, and how many of us actually take the time on our first anniversary to do something as wonderful as we did on our wedding day?! Why is this date not given extra attention?

Actually, not just your first. Your second, third, fourth, thirtieth, and even sixth wedding anniversary deserves a pompous celebration of your ever-lasting love. Get out there and discover your tiny bit of heaven where you may swing your sun-bleached hair in the salt-kissed air. This small love fest will have your heart racing, but a peaceful seascape with starlit skylines and melodic tides with your love would suffice.

Regardless of whether you want to celebrate your special day with your loved ones or spend the weekend lost with just each other, our glamping packages are perfect for you! Swing in a forest hammock, kayak in emerald waterways, relax on a rainforest river beach or dine al fresco in the desert. Dreamy hideaways and the greatest glamping for couples for spectacular romantic holidays in nature are waiting for you right here.

So, what are you holding out for? Glamping vacations for couples all around the globe are beckoning! Glamping couples getaways are available now.

Glam-Up Your Proposal

Have you heard about the newest trend for young couples looking for a romantic, unplugged weekend away without venturing too far into the woods? The term “glamping” refers to a pleasurable alternative to regular camping. We feature comfortable tents on platforms with more amenities than conventional campsites, such as amazing food, plush blankets, and anything else you need to rest and decompress. This may be a memorable proposal, especially if you like being outside but don’t want to rough it.

There’s nothing like winding down and playing/making music over a campfire, whether you play and sing or can recruit some buddies to do it with/for you. Rehearse your guys’ song, or perhaps try your hand at writing one, and surprise her with some music as the night winds down! If you’re in a group, there’s nothing wrong with letting your friends or family in on the secret– as long as they can keep it! You don’t want your anxieties to get the best of you after a few s’mores!

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than seeing the sunset or rise. And what better way to begin a new chapter in your life than by watching the sunrise? They represent the start of another day, a new beginning, and new possibilities. Why not take advantage of one of these opportunities to propose while sitting somewhere with a beautiful view? If you happen to be sitting on the edge of a mountain, just make sure the ring is secure.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect time and place to propose to your loved one, book your glamping getaway with us today!


With spring break quickly approaching, there is no better time to start arranging your trip. This isn’t your typical trailer. This fantastic glamping trailer has been refurbished to be the ideal outdoor hangout, and it comes with a variety of conveniences as well as magnificent views of any area you choose to live in. This property can accommodate up to two people, making it ideal for family holidays or group outings. Glamping in our luxury trailer allows you to enjoy high-end facilities and modern conveniences.

With vaccinations now accessible, it’s time to start contemplating what our lives would be like after a pandemic. But you may be excused for not wanting to rush back to the way things were, especially when it comes to interacting with other people. Thankfully, as we’ve all discovered over the previous year, keeping your distance doesn’t have to mean foregoing some of life’s better pleasures, such as glamping.

In fact, the influx of new feature-laden luxury travel trailers on the market today makes it easier than ever to experience a change of scenery without having to fight through airport crowds. The appropriate caravan will allow you to bring together you and your spouse. A mobile office is also in the works if you need to work while you play.

Our luxury and modern trailer opens up to show an exquisite and modern interior cabin with a complete bathroom, plenty of storage space, and an adjustable roof that expands sleeping capacity to two people.

So, let all your hassles go, and spend a beautiful glamping weekend with your partner in our high-end trailer!

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